Reflecting on the past as I leave it behind.



Like the writer in the post from Ellel Ministries (posted below),  I have had a life long issue with trust.

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When your trust is eked away by various vicious acts by those nearest and dearest you are left outcast and very much alone.  Like the writer below I always had a plan B.  Well not so much a plan, but I bounced back.  It may have been better if I had not.  It may have alerted someone…

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New Daily Devotional: Day 122 - Bringing the Day of God - - Gmail

New Daily Devotional: Day 122 – Bringing the Day of God – – Gmail

One of today’s daily readings impacted me with a verbal shout of Yes and Amen.  As usual, Rick Joyner says it as it is.

Bringing the Day of God

As we have been studying, it is the calling of every Christian to dwell in the heavenly places with Christ and to bring the blessings of heaven to earth. However, our ultimate goal is more than just bringing the blessings of heaven to earth, but rather…

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Euthanasia/Assisted dying.

With the pressure to push through an agreement for euthanasia in the UK I went researching the term “dying with dignity”.  When I was a nurse we were trained to nurse people through the trauma of dying, no matter what the cause.

Dying with dignity meant giving your all to that patient, ensuring they were cared for in every way possible, kept clean, comfortable, hydrated (and fed if necessary) and…

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Isn’t it just  so easy to want to strike out at those who hurt you?  The much harder thing to do is to stand back.  I tend to be reactionary and then bite my tongue…so often hurt people hurt people.  It is hard as a hurt person to allow another to keep on hurting you, so you either resign yourself to it or respond, normally in a wrong way.  The right way, the way Jesus would do it, is to…

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Please do read Rick Renners post below.  I am certain that it applies to each and every one of us…and many will have undoubtedly suffered at the hands of those who have gone that step too far and caused division.  Their pride, anger, arrogance and unforgiveness will not allow for accountablility or confession.  I witnessed this behaviour by a group in my first church and exactly as Rick describes…

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Today is the day the Lord Made

Today is the day the Lord Made



Leading up to today..over the past few weeks, I have been in a strange place, very emotional, a sense of unreality, coping with indignity, blessed by the love and attention of new friends, reeling with hurt and throbbing with pain, whilst being thankful for God’s provision.  Yes, I would say that it has been a roller coaster few weeks.


In order to overcome the negatives I have…

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Sparkling Gems from Rick Renner

Sparkling Gems from Rick Renner


When I read this devotional this morning two conflicting emotions raged through me.  One to shout with joy at finally having an answer to the question I had been asking myself over the past five years.  Two, an inner scream of frustration and anger of lost time…my inactivity, sitting, waiting, doing nothing but moaning and being lost, focussing on the wrong things, such as…

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Even a Great Husband Makes a Very Poor God

Even a Great Husband Makes a Very Poor God

As I read this it sent my thoughts into screaming activity as I acknowledged how much I have looked to Keith over the last three and a half years to sort out my problems, to bring light on the why’s and wherefore’s of why my life is as it is.  To make it better.  It has tested our relationship very severely and it has nothing to do with him at all, it is to do with me and the exclusion of me from…

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